“4 HSP c ASMR Vol. 2” C31
(Ingrown Records)

Woe be the fool’s-errand-runner that's e'r tasked with categorizing and/or filing away this Magic From Space album by genre; there currently ain’t no “Avant Synth-Funk” or “Dark/Smooth-New-Age-Electro-Jazz” sections out there, right? Thing is, beneath the face of “4 HSP c ASMR Vol. 2” ’s untamed wildernesses lies a meticulously curated allusion to a gyrating scaffold that your ear cannot help but exhaustively chase*, to no avail.

Is this all just forward thinking, subconscious-appealing, next level, kitchen-sink electronica, or a distilled, hand-spun sound-collage of dance music tropes woven seamlessly into a dizzying quilt of groovy awesomeness? Think Orange Milk/Euglossine, but trading that heady, academic buzz for a slightly more playful warmth and you’ll be on the right track.

Listen to this whole thing from start to finish for best results, as there’s a gradual stylistic metamorphosis happening that’s well worth taking notes on. 

File under: Siiiiiiiiick


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*once the first track/red herring is overtaken, that is