“Crisis Ordinary” C38
(Never Anything Records)

Not just arhythmic, but downright unapologetically dysrhythmic, Ross Birdwise specializes in exorcizing the ghosts of familiarity and context from The Beat just before our human brains can latch onto any lasting relationship with it. The only patterns to seek solace in are the ratios* of crisp notes to muted ones, echoed beats to rests, semi-tonal movements to indistinguishable pulsations of indeterminate length and frequency, electronic patch to possibly organic shredding.

In short, “Crisis Ordinary” is a real cluster-fuck of a beat-collage, with a wealth of haunting noise and drone accents to make listening alone at night a sufficiently nape-tingling task.

File under: "Haunted House Music from the Future"


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*and, really, only the concept of any rational association here