MOTHER JUNO “Commit” (popnihil)

Get ready for some severely groovy squidpop from postpunk everynihilist Mother Juno! Based out of #Sacksonville (yes, I went there, although Mother Juno’s from Orlando), popnihil’s been dropping facefists full of deathdreams for nigh on a decade (seven years at least), and “Commit” is the latest missive to your dome. Drum machines stand sentry guarding the synth melodies and liquid basslines sloshing behind them, while Mother Juno preens and poses and spits (literally spits!) what he’s got to say like there’s a permasnarl all up in his grill somewhere. At home with Krushgrooves and ESGs alike “Commit” will almost certainly soundtrack a party or two in the 904. Drop some friggin cash money on it right away!

Also: Myles Jack wasn’t down!