COLIN FISHER QUARTET “Living Midnight” C53 (Astral Spirits)

Maybe it was an Astral Spirits reunion that kicked off the Colin Fisher Quartet’s sessions for “Living Midnight,” or maybe it was just the collaborative (or incestuous) relationship that these crazy jazz cats have among themselves. Regardless, Colin Fisher, Daniel Carter, Brandon Lopez, and Marc Edwards all ended up in the same room, and fortunately most of them brought their instruments. (I wasn’t there – I can’t vouch for everybody.) The result is a whip-smart collection of moonlit magic and ESP-aided (again, probably, since I wasn’t there) interplay that blew air into the lungs of the night and sent it on its adventurous way. This is that story.

Not one that I’m going to tell, that’s for sure! I gotta step back and let the players take center stage here, because this “Living Midnight” is a charmed foray into voodoo nocturnes and spellbound serenades. Stretching the quartet’s abilities over two lengthy sides, Fisher leads his cohorts like a shaman at a séance, each tune bursting to life and growing, expanding, evolving as the veil between the (astral) spirit world and ours becomes ever thinner, till we’re whirling through forests with ghosts. The inky blackness of the  wee hours is pierced by the glow of intense energy that flows like magma through the veins of Fisher, Carter, Lopez, and Edwards – heat and movement enliven everything around them.

Behold, the “Living Midnight”!