IMELDA MARCOS “Tatlo” (Already Dead)

Let’s gut it out with Imelda Marcos.

I mean it, because we’ll have to. We brace ourselves, we hang in there, we are bombarded, we survive. Just like the real Marcos herself, hidden in plain site, rolling in a Scrooge McDuck fortune likely obtained just as illegally as the so-called “Mallard Baron’s,” we are beset on all sides, and we must use the armor at our disposal.

Imelda Marcos the duo, Matt and Dave, just as corrupt, just as rich (or is that the opposite?), sling “Tatlo,” their masterpiece, at the forces hell-bent on bringing them down. Swimming through their vault of gold coins amassed due to the second printing of this cassette (first one black shell; second one yellow!), the boys shred guitars and pummel drums and punch angst in the face with magnificent release.

Hey, Bandcamp user stanimosity may have done me a solid by calling out Battles, Don Cab, and Bitch Magnet as Imelda Marcos influences, and I can’t disagree with him. The former first lady of the Philippines SHOULD have great taste with all that money! Because money buys great taste, am I right?

“Tatlo,” people. “Tatlo.” Play it well, play it often, wear it out.